How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief

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730 thoughts on “How to Bargain with a Kenyan Thief

  1. What nonesense is these people saying you should thank God he returned part of it… If it was Mpesa charges he should have incurred 55 bob only… I did the same mistake and the other guy returned my cash less 27 shillings for sending. He was good enough to call me and let me know i sent to the wrong person. So I will support you and Say Benson i a Thief and now that his name has been dragged in to the mud, he suddenly becomes a good person. Shame on him and let him be an example to the other thieves. Had you not aired his misdemenour, you would have gotten nothing from him. So press on and let him return your cash. 227 is not small money… It can buy 4 packets of milk.

  2. Makena. what happened to you sucks and I am in no way supporting Benson and his deplorable behaviour. But as some people have said (and incurred the wrath of those missing the point), you also are partly to blame. The facts appear to be:
    1. you keyed in the number, confirmed and sumbitted. At the time, no one held a gun to your head or coerced you in any other manner (unless there’s something you’re not telling us).
    2. If Benson had any shred of moral decency he would have sent it back or at the very least let the transaction be reversed. Unfortunately, he’s an opportunist like probably50% or more of mankind.
    4. As has been pointed out..can it be proven in law that you did not intend this guy to be the recipient? (yes the law is an a** but is there a basis in law?)
    3. Safaricom have in their small print a part that says they cannot be held liable for money sent erroniously.
    5. Safaricom do have something in place to try and mitigate cases like yours: new sim cards are able to select recipient form your phone book. they even ran an add on the same some time ago.
    6. I dont work for safaricom and I am no apoligist for them (actually think there are better networks out there).

    I have experienced what you went through twice. First time I spent my time trying to call the person (big mistake) and the money was withdrawn pap! When i eventually called safaricom a very polite gentleman told me next time to call safcom immediately, not the recipient. 2nd time i called safcom and the transaction was reversed immediately and money showed up a few hours later.
    If i can use one of the analogies on this thread: If I was meant to give my friend a wad aof cash at his house then, while its full of strangers, I leave the money on the table and a third party steals it…who is to blame? In your case you would be blaming my friend and refusing to see the error in not verifying the cash was not open to itchy fingers.
    Benson might be the scum of the earth but you also need to take responsibility for your blunder. And safcom are not saints but on this one you have dragged them through the mud unnecessarily.

      • Eric, how to you come to the conclusion I am one of “these thieves”? I reiterate for your benefit seeing as you missed the point: I am NOT defending Benson’s actions. I have stated the facts point by point and perhaps you should reply to the same. And try to do so without resort to without resorting to name calling.

    • This is total nonsense from you @james. Am sorry to say this, but it seems either you are one of these uncouth Mpesa thieves, an accomplice or a symphathiser who should be equally ashamed.

      • I am not and will never be one of those mpesa thieves nor accomplice to Benson and neither do I sympathise with him. I know neither Benson nor makena and my sentimnts are based on the case she presented. Re-read my post, I actually empathise with makena and vilify the guy who took her money. My point is, she should not act as if it was all Benson’s and safaricom’s doing and she was an innocent bystander.

    • Don’t you think if they compensated we would all defraud ourselves then claim compensation? like get two different sims then send money to one, then withdraw, then claim fraud compensation? Opportunists like Benson are all over.

  3. CCK, not Safaricom shd come up with sufficient laws on mobile money transfers & M-banking, to protect the operators from unnecessary blame. Having the name of mpesa recipient 2 appear b4 sending money is a good idea, but, will it compromise customer confidentiality?


  5. These are the stupid Kenyans We must get rid of,Shetani ya Mtu how can you withdraw money knowingly your not the intended receipient.

  6. I’m thinking. Maybe Safaricom should introduce account numbers + names specifically for Mpesa transactions just like commercial banks. I could be wrong but I understand if you deposited money into an account that doesn’t match the name of the account holder the transaction doesn’t go through. Mpesa should be sent to these numbers and not phone lines. I understand the financial implications and staff required (banks have staffs to verify the details, Mpesa is nearly automatic). Just a thought, Someone could take the thought to the next level.

    • How come you don’t withdraw money from the wrong account at the ATM? All the more the reason Mpesa should be simple and secure, if you enter mismatched data then the transaction should be stalled until you get it right and if you make like three successive wrong security credentials you are denied the service all together for 12 hours until the security credentials automatically reset.

  7. There is a safer way to send Money:) Western Union.Of course they don`t have such comfortable opening hours and right next door but if you want to send a lot of Money it is the safest.That way you avoid such Problems.So Long as we do not do something against Safaricom`s stupidity they won´t Change.

  8. This is the way forward. Name and shame will make the potential thief reflect before drawing the money, but the biggest responsibility lay with safaricom to povide a service that protects customers. Providing an opportunity to verify details of recipient before completing the transaction will solve this problem.We are trusting you to handle our money safely and you owe this guarantee to us.

  9. It’s hurting that safaricom have been hasn’t responded to this and others thieves menace, Safaricom, “you want to say after operating for moreover than ten years or so you don’t any idea!!!

  10. Hi! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get
    a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding
    one? Thanks a lot!

  11. How possible could it be, to have the sender insert a secret password,which he/she should share with the recipient for him/her to be able to withdraw.I believe if this thought is explored could come in very handy,

    patrick mugendi mugo

      • Better late than never 🙂

        This issue of sending to the wrong recipient is so easy to solve don’t know why Saf is taking this long to resolve. It won’t need expensive technology, you don’t need to change the system that much, very simple procedure and I promise u Saf, I won’t charge you for this. So here is my revolutionary idea: Delay. It really is that simple. Make that transaction as usual, send the customary sms to alert to the respective parties. And this is where the delay comes in: Since the sms will tell you who received the cash, a 10/7/5 minute delay before someone is allowed to withdraw will enable someone to call customer care and stop/reverse any errors in transaction.

      • Hi Aedu. Here is why Safcom cannot do this. The suggested system is subject to abuse by people who pay for goods and services via Mpesa. Just get the goods, then reverse the payment. It’s been done even under the current system. Waiting isn’t conducive for the fast transactions that power Mpesa. Could Safcom perhaps require Withdrawers to present the ID numbers of the people who sent the money? I would think so.

  12. this is a matter of integrity and honesty that is gained from the community and society at large,Benson to accept the basic responsibility of integrity while my friend also learn to communicate .

  13. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
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  14. thankx to this page….i want to SHAME yet another Mpesa wrong number thief 0722-310-414 registered under JOSEPH WAHINDI. true caller name KAMAU HIRE… I sent ksh 10,000 transaction DX23NQ555 and he has refused to return the money. please sambaza this info wide to all the people and those who know him and are dealing with should know the kind of person they are dealing with.

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  16. What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me out loads.
    I’m hoping to contribute & aid different users like its helped me.
    Good job.

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  18. Enough is enough this bull….Let me get this straight..this fella found extra money in his ATM and the ‘BANK’ is on social media yelling how evil he is for their clumsiness?How many of these demonisers would call the bank about extra money in their ATM???Fact there is a facility for saving peoples number on your SIM card to prevent this…soo he/she is tooooo lazy and careless to do that…gets ripped and then involves the rest of us idle youth in championing her laziness…..that guy should have kept the money??Its like leaving your fly open and then accusing people of seeing your nakedness!smh ….and her we are championing the lazy one demonizing the one who was innocently sent money

  19. Good people a wrong and wrong can never make a right.The guy should not have withdrawn the money.Let us continue shaming him until he apologizes.What did he say-Do whatever you what to do? where did he get his christian name from?

    Yesterday evening, 23rd Sept 2013 I mistyped a phone number and sent MPESA (Transaction receipt number: DZ77ZC122) to the wrong person, and while I was on hold waiting for ‘customer care’ to cancel the transaction, KYALO KIEMA 0727087359 withdrew the money and switched off his phone… Please Share

  21. I agree with you Safaricom must improve the Mpesa system to include an additional features like which can automatically capture the name of the recipient.

  22. Local Somali mobile companies have improved their system long ago by giving their client an opportunity to view the names of the person or recipient they are sending money to as long as he is registered there call ZAAD like mpesa..and there is no way you can get your money lost what is wrong with Safaricom at this time of digital error…….Safaricom need some serious advice.

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  24. Thank you for standing up for yourself and for standing up for us and those who love the fence. i also thank you for starting a dialogue on both sides of the divide. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke (may i add good women) i thank you for not doing nothing, bravery: the quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening there is more to your actions than meets the eye. This is what i have taken out of this….
    1.We must compel our government and its depts. e.g Police,health etc to do there work by vote or /& is OUR RIGHT that they serve us well…we give them A privilege to serve the people of Kenya and all its awesome gifts..OUR RIGHT TO GET ONLY THE BEST FROM OUR LEADERS , FROM OUR GOVERNMENT.

    2.We must demand better services from ourselves and other entities e.g companies ,neighbors.. etc within reason.

    3.We need to stand up for ourselves and more importantly for others in all matters. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

    4. Our children need to see and hear positive input for they copy us in all things both good and bad

    Remember the National anthem….. have we heard /listened to the words lately. It is a prayer and a hope…..we need to become proud of the gift we inherited from our fathers,mothers,all those who lost their blood and lives to give us this great nation,I AM A PROUD KENYAN..NAJIVUNIA KUA MKENYA…My life and blood for the service of a better KENYA.

    Lastly i could decide to do nothing and complain but i chose not to like all who have shared here. I WILL BE PART OF THE SOLUTION AND NO PROBLEM WILL BE EQUAL TO ME AND MY FELLOW PROUD KENYANS.


    • I think checking before you send cash is not a hard thing. If you can’t do that, don’t blame Safaricom or the lucky recipient of the cash. My two cents

  25. Justus Kangata (0717 508038)is another one to watch. he received my KES 527 and when I called him he confirmed he received the amount in his account. He promised to return the money but after a few minutes he switched off his phone to avoid further communication. The transaction number was EW91WH891. He is a man to be watched.

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